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Deep learning for chess

January 15, 2015

Very interesting post on how to construct a simple neural network for chess AI.


Machine Learning School, Cambridge 2009

January 6, 2015

Old but very explanatory:

Topics titles

1) Introduction to Bayesian Inference

2) Graphical Models

3) Markov Chains and Monte Carlo

4) Information Theory

5) Kernel Methods

6) Approximate Inference

7) Topic Models

8) Gaussian Processes

9) Convex Optimization

10) Learning Theory

11) Computer Vision

12) Nonparametric Bayesian Models

13) Machine Learning and Cognitive Science

14) Reinforcement Learning

15) Foundations of Nonparametric Bayesian Methods

16) Deep Belief Networks

17) Particle Filters

18) Causality

19) Information Retrieval

20) Bayesian or Frequentist? Which Are You?

The Stacks Project gets ever awesomer with new viz

July 30, 2013


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Here’s a completely biased interview I did with my husband A. Johan de Jong, who has been working with Pieter Belmans on a very cool online math project using d3js. I even made up some of his answers (with his approval).

Q: What is the Stacks Project?

A: It’s an open source textbook and reference for my field, which is algebraic geometry. It builds foundations starting from elementary college algebra and going up to algebraic stacks. It’s a self-contained exposition of all the material there, which makes it different from a research textbook or the experience you’d have reading a bunch of papers.

We were quite neurotic setting it up – everything has a proof, other results are referenced explicitly, and it’s strictly linear, which is to say there’s a strict ordering of the text so that all references are always…

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Algorithms from the Book

June 16, 2013

Algorithms from the Book

What is your choice of the most beautiful algorithm?

March 8, 2013

One of the greatest…

Gowers's Weblog

A few years ago, Springer published a book called, The Abel Prize: 2003-2007 The First Five Years. A brief calculation will reveal that a second volume ought to be due soon, and that is indeed the case. I was asked to write the article about Endre Szemerédi, the 2012 winner, which I have just finished. I am glad to say that Springer’s policy with regard to this book is extremely enlightened: not only am I allowed to post my article as a preprint, but the entire book will be posted on the Norwegian Academy of Sciences website and will be freely accessible.

I was told to write the article as I pleased — the articles in the first volume are very different in style from each other — so I went for a style that was not unlike what I might have written if I had wanted to present…

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Turán is 100

August 18, 2011

Paul Turán, one of the greatest Hungarian mathematicians, was born 100 years ago, on August 18, 1910. From 22 to 26 August, the Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics, the Mathematical Institute of Eötvös Loránd University and the János Bolyai Mathematical Society, are organizing an international conference to celebrate the occasion.

For more information and the impressive list of registered participants see here.